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Embark on a sensory journey with our Herbal Elderberry Syrup, a fusion of nature's bounty and herbal alchemy. Immerse yourself in the sweet embrace of organic elderberries, complemented by a curated blend of botanical wonders. This enchanting syrup not only delights your palate but also weaves a tapestry of wellness with each droplet. Unleash the power of herbs and berries in a single, captivating elixir – a harmony of flavors and holistic nourishment in every sip.

This is not your average elderberry syrup. This specific blend of herbs works together to give the overall best herbal immune support we can give our bodies, not only during cold and flu season, but year round.

We only use reverse osmosis filtered water, just a touch of raw acv, all organic herbs (elder berry & flower, echinacea, lemon peel, astragalus, olive leaf, schisandra berry, Aronia berry, hawthorn berry, Ceylon cinnamon, and ginger) preserved only with raw local honey.

Be Well Elderberry Immune Support Syrup

PriceFrom $18.00
  • *** Our products, while made in a commercial kitchen & under proper Serve Safe food safety standards, have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are not designed or guaranteed to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any known disease or ailment**  Any Statements related to usages of our products are based on Traditional & Ancestral Uses of Herbs and should not be considered Medical Advice.

    You should always consult your medical provider prior to us ing any Herbal Remedies.

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